28 May 2010

MENERGY tomorrow! (+ 2 new Horror Disco mixes)

It's that time of the month again - time for blood, pain, lipstick and disco. Gay Dance Party MENERGY is back tomorrow night, back like Michael Myers, at Bacchus in Glasgow's Merchant City. This month there's a special Italo Horror theme and to celebrate Menergy residents Kid Zipper & The Niallist have each done a horror-themed disco mix. KZ's "Cannibal Italocaust" mix is a combination of old and new, leaning heavily on the kind of synth jams heard in classic 70's zombie stalk and slash pics, and the Niallist's "Disco Argento" mix is a compendium of some of the greatest of horror film disco cash in records of the 70's and 80's. Check out the track lists below, with download links attached...

Download "Cannibal Italocaust"

Download "Disco Argento"

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