30 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO: Part 31 Ultimate Thrush

We've chatted about Ultimate Thrush repeatedly on the radio, in person and on here, and it's fair to say they're one of our absolute favourite local bands. Another of Glasgow's D.I.Y. and experimental scene, they released a 13 minute, ten track album through Winning Sperm Party, as well as a gorgeous, limited edition tape through Milk Records.

One of our most enduring memories of Ultimate Thrush was prepping the next act at our NORAVE deletion party in the backstage area, when their vocalist burst, mid-song, through the door. Dressed in a robe and rubber mask, and still holding his microphone, he climbed screaming onto me, then ran back to performing.

Spiritual and touring brothers with Divorce, they're a far more spastic and noise-driven proposition, but equally as devastating live. For FUCKNO, we've used the audio from their live performance at Optimo back in December, which, raw as it is, gives a pretty good impression of how chaotic they are live. Check the videos for proof- Jonney Buck's footage of Ultimate Thrush.

Ultimate Thrush - Complex Cat (Live At Optimo)

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