30 April 2010

Countdown To Fuckno PART 30 Vars Of Lichi

Image by Krakow81

It's almost at an end! Only one more post to go and that will be the entire album comped and available to download as a oner - with maybe a special surprise for you guys if you're lucky!

But we're not through with the countdown yet, no siree Bob. Here's a track from well known Glasgow alt-guitar-noise heroes Vars Of Litchi. Vars play loose, improvised alt-rock on guitar and drums, and have been kicking out the jams in Glasgow and around the UK for a few years now. "There's Movement From The Kitchen" is taken from their forthcoming album, and is remiscent of Lee Ranaldo and Billy Cobham on shitloads of psychedelics jamming in a washing machine. Enjoy!

VARS OF LICHI There's Movement From The Kitchen

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