21 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO: Part 21 J-Lab

Another of the Creative Commons scene to have made an impact on us in the past couple of years, J-Lab was one of the brains behind the Berlin and London Net Audio festivals, one third of Tri-oon, and the first release from Unoiki. He's also a true character and can sustain rants far longer than any other party-hard techno head I've ever encountered.

Fusing techno, electro and experimentalism, J-lab makes music for the head and the feet. Playful experimentalism, backed by an impressive knowledge and technical approach to music. A true artist, and one worth following, his soundcloud is the best way to keep track of him online. He's also released on the netlabels Metroline, Adrecordings, and Deletetechno.com.

We're very proud to be featuring J-Lab on FUCKNO, and highly recommend anyone with a taste for the dark and experimental side of electronica to go check it out.

Track coming soon - waiting on mastering.

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