2 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO: Part 1 DIVORCE

April the 30th sees the release of Little Rock's sequel to the seminal NORAVE compilation.

Entitled "FUCKNO", it will feature 30 different tracks by 30 different acts, ranging from ambient and noise-core to minimal techno and thrash punk. As a special countdown to the official release, we will be blogging one track and one band a day for the rest of the month. April is the cruelest month, after all.

To kick it all off, here is part one: DIVORCE.

You've heard of these guys by now right? If not, Divorce are a group of fiercely angry bitches. They've just returned from a slash and burn tour of England, and have put out a split cassette with the other best live band in Glasgow, Ultimate Thrush. To make matters worse, the Niallist has managed to get his grubby mitts on their track "Juice Of Youth" and transformed it from howling hardcore into NORAVE-tastic blend of reggae, breakcore and ambient. So get your click on.

DIVORCE "Juice Of Youth (Niallist Roots Mixx)"

To read and hear more check out their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/puredivorced and check out their blog at: http://divorcetheband.blogspot.com/

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