13 January 2010

Louts mixtape for Halleluwah Hits

Glasgow independant music store Halleluwah Hits (located deep in the heart of Che Camille) have just released the fifth in an ongoing series of mixtapes. This one is by Little Rock recording artist / Cry Parrot co-organiser Callum Cunneen aka LOUTS. It's a mixture of wonky hip-hop, ambient and a bit of alt-rock for good measure, and damn fine it is too. Check it out y'y'y'y'all:

Halleluwah Hits Mixtape 5 - Mixed by Louts by louts


  1. Mixtape number 5 already? (Yippee!)
    I can 'rest' 2&3 for a bit now...

  2. yes it's great - and guess who's doing mixtape 6? ;-)