24 December 2009

Schrödinger's Rapist

Schrödinger's Rapist; It might not be that guy, but it might.
Schrödinger’s Rapist: or A Guy’s Guide to Approaching Strange Women Without Being Maced
Found this article the other day, and it now seems to be everywhere I go online. Good advice, but the discussions that have sprung up around it are fascinating. I might link to some of that in the comments if I get  time.


  1. Excellent article! Very well written, and speaking as someone who has never had cause to think of this point of view before, very eye opening. I think the comments are great too.

  2. Yeah, the comments are fucking awesome. The relevant thread on Metafilter is amazing as well.

    The comments are so in depth and for teh most part measured and intelligent. There are more threads linked form that one, and at some point someone mentions a livejournal by 'cereta' that contains a great discussion well worth checking out.

    I'll try and fish out the link at some point.

  3. yeah I read about half the comments (still got past 500), and skimmed some of the other threads but I had to force myself to stop as I would be readin them for about a week! They are great though, and I apploaud the mods' openess about banning folk for the sake of keeping the comments on topic and non-nasty.

    I also read a lot of this blog:
    just to remind myself that, you know, not all men are total shits.