26 December 2009

Genesis P-Orridge

is the (wo)man! I have only pretty recently been turned on to the music and work of P-Orridge, but it's fascinating and inspiring. P-Orridge used to front the bands Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, both of whom have played pivotal parts in the British industrial, rave and independant movements. He has been a poet, artist, occultist, exile and agent provocateur. His most recent project was to physically transform himself and his wife into the same person, "The Pandrogyne", through plastic surgery and body modification. Unfortunately his wife Lady Jaye died in 2007 (gutting!) but the project continues anyway.

For more info on the great (wo)man, here's hir wiki entry, and here (s)he is being interviewed by Ian Svenonious on Soft Focus.

A more indepth interview focusing on the early years (and specifically Throbbing Gristle and thier notorious Prostitution show) is below, taken from Disinformation's "Infinity Factory" broadcast. Highly recommended!

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