27 December 2009

Plus d'awesome

More awesomeness featuring Genesis P-Orridge - this time it's an hour long Infinity Factory 3-way interview between Genesis, host Richard Metsger and the MOST awesome Robert Anton WIlson! This guy co-wrote the Illuminatus Trilogy and has a lot of great and interesting things to say (and a great New York drawl in which to say it). They talk a lot about conspiracies, magick and Alastair Crowley.

If you like this kind of thing I heartily recommend checking out some of Richard Matzger's other work, like Disinformation and the Dangerous Minds blog.


  1. Good site. Just watch out for Jason Louv, who just happens to think that voudoun is evil. Him and a chap called Sivanath are a bit racist, and largely unapologetic about being so.

    For some reason, Louv is loved by the disinfo guys despite his defense of dodgy views.

  2. Not any more it seems:

    And isn't it cool you don't have to use HTML to make your links come alive in the comments?!

  3. oops - I realise now that you still need to use HTML :-((

  4. Metzger is disinfo, isn't he? So while Jason Louv might have left the job, I'm sure he's still in with the group of friends who make up that particular scene.

    Whatever way, he's still a bawbag.

    Best thing disinfo ever did was get Grant Morrison to speak anyway.