2 December 2009

Flash Fiction; Riding the waves

Lost in my own head somewhere in the strange hours of the morning...

"The brain feels like it’s bursting, breath slows while I try to focus into being the abstract solar flares that rip through the darkness when I close my eyes. The darkness flooded with golden trumpets, neon archetypes and indescribable multi-faceted shapes. Bent through dimensions. The sting of the collision, the migraine of dimensional intersection. The nexus where mind collides with imagination. Ape thought scuffling round the edges of lysergic structures. I ride the bass drop, trying to cling to the flow and twist of pathways, trying not to drown myself in the thrill and ecstasy of intense experiences. Cling to your rational, find the centre of being, the questioning space child. The Buddha. The magician spouting abstract in the street. Spare a thought for Mad Tom - so immersed in understanding, his outward behaviour is too alien to comprehend. Accelerate down blinding highways of understanding, feel the asphalt melt beneath your feet.
Try to hold back the tears that flood your vision, and see what really happens when the G-force kicks in. Would all the headnauts please report to the dance floor. Would all the headnauts please report to the dance floor. Would all the headnauts please report to the dance floor. Move beyond physical and pay close attention, because this shit’s important."

This flash fiction brought to you by the artwork of Paul Laffoleyand the music of Monolake. I highly recommend the Free Track of The Month Archive over at Monolake.de, particularly the Termulator X project. Robert Henke (monolake) and Jay Ahern jamming with a 303, an 808 and various effects processors. Indescribably powerful analogue sound art - Direct download from Monolake.de, right click
Find more about Termulator X here

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