4 November 2009

Virus Syndicate are still not very nice people

and have made this video about drugs.

Definitely one of their sickest tunes to date, backed by buzz-saw grime productions from Benga.

The cultural melting pot proceeds to bubble, with Virus now the only UK acts to appear on a US Dubstep compilation, with Xzibit, Snoop Dogg and Eve. With Glasgow spitting out Reggae MCs like Soom T, genre's become utterly detached from location. We transcend cities and physical boundaries, and the length of time between a scene emerging and it's sound becoming a part of the ever-evolving sphere of influence is rapidly shortening. We will soon share ideas upon thinking them.
Sigha - Rawww EP [HFT010] by Hotflush
Also digging the brand new Hot Flush stuff from Sigha. I actually know very little about Sigha, but Hot Flush has become a solid gold stamp of approval in my mind - Mount Kimbie's weird and wonderful take on UK electronic is sheer beauty, the new Scuba EP kicked the shit out of the modern dubstep scene, and this forthcoming EP from Sigha looks awesome. Deep, dark, post-Basic Channel techno. It's also twelve minutes long, for maximum k-hole devastation. Like all good minimal, it seems blindingly repetitive and reductionist, but unfolds a complex sonic head-fuck.

I'll post a full track closer to the release date.

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