20 October 2009

Nick is a...?

The BNP freephone number is 08000086191. Please DON'T phone them needlessly, as that will only cost them money and annoy them. It is a serious number, for serious calls, and it costs them a lot of money when people don't take it seriously. The same would apply to anyone sending overweight or unnecessary items to their freepost address, especially if they had made sure said items would fit in a letter box;

N. Griffin, National Office, Admail 4148, London, EC1A 1UY

It's not nice to cost people money for nothing, especially people as nice as Nick Griffin. If you don't know Little Nicky, here he is going for a wee walk in his favourite Tshirt:

If you find any of his BNP member's addresses and phone numbers on the internet, please do call and let the office know. It would appear they have lost them again!
(Sometimes it's awfully hard work remembering to be racist and secretive...)
Still, at least Nick gets to go on Question Time on Thursday. I'm sure he'll do very well, being so very intelligent and so absolutely likeable.

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