20 October 2009

Berlin comedown part3

Disrupt make hefty ragga. They are on Jahtari, and this is their album cover.Do we really need to say much more than "Disrupt Live set"?
Disrupt & MC Troels Egern

Go and download all the previous Jahtari freebies, then hack up some cash and buy vinyl. Heavier than a seriously heavy thing.

Roots ista Posse rocking the shit out of 'Josef', room 2 at Netaudio Berlin.And as if that wasn't enough, Roots Ista Posse live and in effect. Recorded by ourselves, hosted online by Fresh Poulp. Man, this guy's awesome.

Download Roots Ista Posse Rocking Maria Am Ostbahnhoff. Do it now.

And visit www.fresh-poulp.net/goodies/ for more of the same.

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