14 October 2009

Friends from Berlin, Pt 2: Tropic

I know I said I was going to leave it, but I just can't...

Tropic is a label run by one of the nicest people I met at Maria Am Ostbahn, Daniel Tischer, or D-Soul .

We dont like Trance, Hardtechno, Vocal or ElektroHouse, Metal or Independent Guitar Rock to release here on Tropic!
-Tropic's contact page, regarding demos

While we at Little rock would like nothing better than to release an elektro-rock, hard-trance, vocal-thrash-house anthem, I do have a lot of time for Tropic's purity of purpose. The shit-hot nature of the tracks I've been slowly trawling through helps.

You might do what I did, and start with TRO 56; an EP by Manchester's Slow noise, "Groovemospherica".

Track one and I was sold. Let us know how you get on.

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