14 October 2009

Friends from Berlin, Pt 1: Phonocake

Phonocake have a logo. This is it.

Phonocake are one of the labels we met, and who I clicked with musically and personally. The latest album on their site is by Mr Incognito. It's called LHC, or "Largest High Church", described on their own site as a particle-'enhancer', which gets the missing blackhole generator activated, supported by the other dimensions headquarter - "Massive Dynamics". I think it's safe to assume he smoke weed and watch manga movies.

Mr Incognito's Largest High Church

by Mr. Incognito
It's been my soundtrack for cooking myself soup. Later on I'm going to delve a little deeper into the label, but for now I need to get ready go to a rehearsal.

Too Much Music!

Too! Much! Music!

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