26 October 2009

Asakusa Jinta

... Are absolutely awesome. Big up to Keith and Johnny at Optimo for getting these guys to play Glasgow. For want of a better description, I'd call it Ska. At times, it's heavy, thrashy, poppy, offbeat and rhythmically complex. They absolutely rocked Optimo, and I'm now the proud owner of their album. I'll get a track up later today.

They're one of the most engaging live acts I've seen in a long time - weird, but with a pure fun outlook. The frontman spent most of the evening balanced on his stand-up bass, the guitarist has the most sickeningly heavy riffs, the saxophone/ clarinet player is thoroughly beautiful. The crowd applauded the singer simply for managing one sentence in English.

Their music takes in a lot of traditional Japanese music forms and folk influences; a melting pot of Japanese culture, from the traditional to contemporary. This video gives some of the flavour of what they're about. Awesome.

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