23 October 2009

Ali Renault Mix

Ali Renault! Live Set!

One of our favourite producers, and co-incidentally one of the guests at this year's Rock'n'Shock, ALI RENAULT has a new mix available to download from here. It's called "Mix From The Lungs of Hell" and the tracklisting looks like this:

John Carpenter - The Fog
Mark du Mosch - Blanche Dreams
Electrick Dragon - Davorite
Nineteen 99 - Deadline
The Hasbeens - You and Me
DJ Overdose - Uh Uh Baby
Zombi - Sapphire (Escort Remix)
Kritical Audio - Spandex
Shake - Indagoo
Mark du Mosch - Let It Go
Hot Coins - NG Style
Mike Mareen - Dancing In The Dark (Galactica Remix)
Serious Lover - Serious Love
Randy Barracuda - Hungry For Another Touch

Oh and if you think Ali is DJing for us at Halloween, he's not! He's playing live... and of course we're all very excited. If you've not heard his deep and dark take on Italo Disco then get yer ears around this little beauty:

Rock'n'Shock 6 Friday 30th October at Stereo Glasgow - see you there!

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