8 December 2012

The Lay Llamas - Vatican Zombie (Jozik Records)

"The Lay Llamas is a tribe that in the year 2092 AD starts a trip from an unknown region of Nigeria on a self-built spacecraft (track A1) to reach a planet that they continued to observe every night from the earth and inexplicably attracted them. Once there, explore the planet (track A2) until they meet a totem called the Big Snake (track 3) who will point the way for the purification and elevation to a higher state of consciousness (track B4)"
Cheers to Rocket Recordings for bringing this to me.
Treading the fine line between epically psychedelic and bonged-out-their-nut-pretentiousness, this concept EP is a very cool piece of work out on Finland's Jozik records. On C30 cassette. There's bits of Caribou and Manitoba in there, touches of Can, a little Boards of Canada and the smudgy thumbprint of Hawkwind smeared across the whole thing. Somehow managing to maintain a solid narrative over messy, semi-improvised instrumentation, Nicola Guinta's Lay Llamas elevate brain-rotting fuzz and lurching dynamics to new heights of awesome.

I guess I'll have to buy a cassette player and mail-order from Finland.

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