19 December 2012

2012 favourites Tropic of Cancer - I Feel Nothing

As every magazine starts compiling the inevitable end of year lists and arguing over the best releases, best live acts, most influential singles etc, I realised I'd never given any time on the blog to the bloody excellent Tropic of Cancer, who I've really been digging this year. With releases on Downwards and a forthcoming long-player due on Blackest Ever Black, there's a strong technoid influence running through their work, with hints of Raime, Throbbing Gristle and Regis all apparent, despite the slower tempo and gnarlier sound palette. Tropic of Cancer's work finds the middle ground between the syrupy psychedelia of hynagogic pop and the bleached emptiness of Witch House, carefully nurturing the space at the edge of sound to create unsettlingly beautiful atmospherics around dark gothic pop songs.
For me, their releases were some of the best stuff of 2012, and appealed to both my love of electronica and techno, and my long-standing love of doom metal. Yeah, I said it, they're doom. Deal with it. Bandcamp here.

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