30 August 2012

Pole - Waldgeschichten 3 (August 27th)

Pole - Waldgeschichten 3 (August 27th - Pole Music)
Pole continues to broadcast from the most strangely isolated places with the third and final part of his Waldgeschichten series, producing two defiantly dub cuts that work the listener hard with seemingly unending repetition, before finally allowing rays of light to permeate the mix. In contrast to the skanking dub of the first EP, and the more agressive follow-up, Waldgeschichten 3 takes the slip-slide groove of minimal hip-hop and spreads every element thin, amplifying and enunciating the edge sounds to create a spectral palette. In keeping with the minimalist aesthetic, both tracks work with very simplistic dub structures, slowly shifting timbre and key until the repetitiveness verges on unbearable... and then carries on a while for good measure. Moos places particular emphasis on a resonant clave that becomes almost jarring, so that when the simplistic two-note bassline finally emerges, it's dynamic impact is far more significant. In other hands, this kind of slow-burning minimalism could end up uninspired or boring, but Pole's delicate engineering always ensures a certain level of quality, and Lurch's deliberately rough recording quality and heavy emphasis on static and microphone pickup yields an intriguingly different aesthetic.

14.09.12 Sopot (PL) – Open Source Art Festival (video by P.MA)
04.10.12 Braga (PT) – Semibreve Festival
06.10.12 Graz (AT) – Musikprotokoll

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