27 June 2012

MikeQ FACT Mix: T.H.I.S. I.S. C.U.N.T.

I have posted about "cunt" a couple of times here in the past, but here's a fuller description of exactly what that is. Essentially it's a modern take on old school vogue-house, coming from the American underground "ballroom" scene where fierce drag queens and transexuals (as well as a lot of straight folk) come to hang out and compete in dance offs.

"Cunt" (yeah, it could probably do with a more PC name) is pioneered by acts like Ynfynyt Scroll, B Ames, Vjuan Allure, Divoli Svere and, probably the best known DJ in the whole scene, MikeQ. MikeQ did a special cunt mix for FACT mag back in February, and it's damn essential listening.

Imagine mid-90s drag queen/bitch house remixed by Diplo for a Baltimore audience, with a healthy dose of classic disco samples and a stuttered footwork aesthetic, and you're in the right ballpark. I am getting heavily into this stuff, even producing under the name Cunt Traxxx (my icon/logo gives an explanation to the genre name) as it's the perfect mix of classic house and new skool swing. MikeQ's mix has blown my mind - seriously, I haven't been as excited about a mix like this in a long, looong time. To the point where I am looking up the artists on the tracklist and trying to find the tunes (big shout to Bok Bok who has been repping this scene for a couple of years now!).

Unfortunately FACT have not allowed this mix to be embedded anywhere apart form their site, but it's highly, HIGHLY recommended listening. Go there RIGHT now and press play!

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