17 June 2012

MC Elemental... The Comic Book!

Professor Elemental, and Tea See records in general, are very odd people. Turning out a uniquely British form of hip-hop that's as much about oblique spheres of reference as it is about creating bizarre characters and fully committing to them. Case in point, Fighting Trousers. Whilst Chap-hop and the 'chap' (sub?)culture can easily become a cringingly over the top wank-fest, there's a few gems to be found therein, and Professor Elemental's announcement that he'll star in his own comic book is the first thing that's made me truly smile all day. Channelling the irreverent genius of R. Crumb and Dudley D Watkins, these excerpts look pretty damn cool. More details, inc shopping available here.
Ps. If anyone can tell me what that cover's based on, they will be the lucky recipient of a lengthy shout out on the next radio show - it's actually driving me mad. Promethea? Invisibles? Graagh.

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