3 May 2012

Joe Muggs - "DJ culture is hideous"

In this talk, music journalist and critic Joe Mugs brutally dissects club culture and explains the profound effect that clubbing can have on the human condition. One of his analogies explores the musical and cultural effect a DJ could have on the crowd by mixing Buju Banton into Sylvester. 


  1. Man needs to drink less coffee.

  2. I think the term 'hedonistic imperative comes form Pearce's book/manifesto:


    I'm not sure how far transhumanism will act for the hedonistic imperative, largely because I don't think we can be all that sure how you define hedonism once you move beyond human. It's so very human to seek pleasure as it's own reward that I'm not confident the impulse will survive beyond the confines of that experience.

    But that's nothing to do with DJ culture.

    Not yet, anyway. Not til NI or ableton make an implant.

  3. Kurzweil's downloaded consciousness sounds like a gradual change, so maybe we won't even notice a shift, and we'll take our old drives with us, carrying an atavistic collection of imperatives with us?

    An obligatory link to Transcendent Man:


  4. So is this performance art?

  5. I suppose it is, but only in the sense that all performance can be considered art. I think he's proselytising, and trying to engender the same sense of wonder his 20 year old self felt when he first discovered the music and scene that blew his young mind.

    What he never addresses.... which nobody really does.... is that he was having unique experiences at an ag when a lot of people have apparently unique experiences.

    Almsot as if it potentially as much about his age, stage, and drug use, than it was about a cultural shift.

    But hey. We're all just talking monkeys, so we may as well continue to talk.