3 January 2012

The Mindscape of Alan Moore

This post got yanked from Dangerous Minds due to copyright issues - don't worry, it won't happen here!

Alan Moore portrait by Christian Kaw

And what an incredibly vast landscape that is, full of outcrops of ideas about religion, spirituality, information, history, education, sexuality, magic, drugs, art, love, creativity and lots, lots more.

The Mindscape Of Alan Moore is a 2005 feature length documentary about the British comic book magus directed by Dez Vylenz, and while it's been floating around online in various cut-up, truncated and editted forms for a few years, it's now available to watch in its full 78 minute glory. Most Moore fans will be familiar with this film, but even if you have seen it (or parts of it) it's always worth another look. You'll be hypnotised by Moore's voice and his huge, spell-binding mindscape in minutes.

The DVD of this film is still available to purchase (just go here) and as I reckon you'll want to watch this more than once, that's an investment that comes highly recommended. And at least it means you'll be able to turn off the subtitles:


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