19 December 2011

TXTBK's CH▼ЯCH X▼ BЯXK3N 7▲NG▼▲G3 #45 7H33 B3457 XV 4C1D 7я4NQ

Textbeak's Church Of Broken Language presents a mix by Shallow Rave's very own TEXTURE (curator of Black Lantern Music), available for free download and streaming, featuring tracks by Church Of When The Shit Hits The Fan, Schneider TM, Spf5Ø, Vagina Vangi, Tyler, The Creator, LetKolben, p.WRECKS, Tash Willmore, Crim3s, Death Grips and much more! There's something for everyone, from downbeat electro to enormous gothic pop to doomcrunk to screwgaze.

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