5 November 2011

Remember when Vakant used to be all minimal?

Remember that? When Vakant were doing a nice line in reductionist, crisp techno for the likes of Mathias Kaden, Marco Carolo and Jennifer Cardini to cut up with? This latest number from Anonym's so damn smooth you could take a line off it. And look at the video! It looks like Michael fucking Jackson trying to cop off with Debbie Harry. What the hell guys? I thought all that disco nonsense you were letting Nico Perman away with was a one off, and yet you see fit to give us more of this crisply produced, melody-heavy electro funk.

As curveballs go, it's a bit of a beauty. Anonym fits perfectly well with Vakant's attitude to space, rigidity of form, and focussed production, but throws the techno right out the window in favour of camp groove and lush synth styles. Quite into this actually.

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