3 August 2011

Four Tet - Fabric Live 59

Four Tet - Fabric Live 59 (19/09, Fabric)

I've never been the biggest fan of Fabric's output as a whole; amongst the undoubted greats (Shackleton, John Peel, Jackmaster), there's a few that date badly (Nitin Sawhney), or really just don't do it for me (John Digweed, LTJ Bukem). Occasionally, they pop out the kind of mix that keeps you fascinated for weeks and totally redefines the idea of a 'mix'. Four Tet's approach to his Fabric mix isn't quite the magnificent slice of awesomeness that Shackleton's was, but it does manage to do away with certain conventions, and surprisingly accurately convey his uniquely weird approach to production and performance. Based around a framework of 90s 2-Step and Grime, Hebden has tracked down vinyl rarities, ripped digital versions from records and recorded found sounds from Fabric itself in an attempt to convey his sense of what a night out feels like, rather than merely blending tracks as anyone else would have been happy to do. It's a headfuck, and stands up as one of Fabric's more unique releases, taking in Burial's mournful Street Halo, C++'s hyperactive Angie's Fucked, compositions Four Tet created especially for the compilation, and crafting them into a surreal musical masterpeice. Definitely one of Fabric's more interesting releases.