21 July 2011

The Black Dog - Liber Kilt

The Black Dog - Liber Kilt (Dust Science Recordings)

The Black Dog return with some of their most dancefloor orientated material for some time, having worked their way across the entire spectrum of electronica, techno, dub and ambient. There's still an underlying mystic theme to it all, brought out by their recent collabs with The Psychick Warriors of Gaia, but this is predominantly for DJs, not 6am stoned spiritualists. Opener Black Chamber Order is as epic as you'd expect from the title, with floating layers of synths intertwining and collapsing as the track builds up, leading into a super-heavy bassline that builds into a massive, warehouse-filling beast. Double A-side, Bass Mantra is even more ridiculously bass-driven, opening with Sahko-esque analogue tones passing through a delay cycle, before a cone-shaking bass wobble groans into life and the percussion picks up. Domintated by the groaning bass, Bass Mantra gallops along, dragging in more cold analogue tones and reverb-heavy snare smashes that come across like some of Regis' lighter works. Prestty awesome single, and the first of three!

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