1 July 2011

Bass Clef - Rollercoasters of the Heart / So Cruel

Bass Clef - Rollercoasters of the Heart / So Cruel (Punch Drunk / out now)

The summer has landed! our very favourite trombonist / dub manipulator Bass Clef drops in with two unique dub-techno variants for Peverelist's Punch Drunk label. As his live shows will attest, Bass Clef isn't one to rely on heavy amounts of technology, prefering to spin simple drum loops and augment them with live improvisations; Rollercoasters takes on similar format, with it's basis in a simple, quaking bassline and a jump-up beat, throwing in chopped-up vocals and a euphoric piano riff. Two parts classic rave to one part Scientist-esque dub work, it's weirdly offbeat, earth-shakingly heavy and totally awesome. So Cruel sees Bass Clef reinterpreting the hard-nosed styles of UK bass bass music in his own loping fashion, throwing in not only a speaker-wobbling sub, but a melodic bassline over the top and scattering a loose percussive pattern across the mix. There's hints of UK funky in the skittery R'n'B inflected vocals, but as usual it's surreal, deep and mildly confusing. Much like Barry Lynn's Boxcutter project, Bass Clef is a truly unique proposition that proves impossible to pin down, and despite this being vaguely in line with Punch Drunks previous releases, Rollercoasters of the Heart is something totally new for Punch Drunk.

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