16 June 2011

Steve Bug & Cle - Seven Hills

Steve Bug & Cle - Seven Hills (13/06)

Poker Flat return to proper late-night form, with a cracking 12" from head honcho Steve Bug, accompanied by long-time collaborator Cle. Reductionist in the way that only Bug can be, the two tracks tease extended breakdowns and epic synth swathes out to create an awesome blend of techno and deep house. Opener Seven Hills teases delay-heavy analogue chord and a single kick-drum out almost to the point of frustration, before slowly raising the pace with vintage hi-hats and lone snare drum; extending the delay and accentuating the hi-hats, layers lowly filter in and it builds into a more driving dancefloor track. Becoming relentlessly more epic over the course of a two and a half minute breakdown, it all falls into place at the drop, eroding into trails of delay and echo. With a slightly more Detroit feel, Monkey Shoulder kicks in a lot swifter, with jacking metallic cymbals rattling around in the mix. Dropping elements in and out, there's far greater sense of dynamics at the work, though it's no less extensive in its scope.

Poker Flat's last couple of releases haven't really had me looking to hamburg with any eagerness, but with Bug and Cle turning out material of this caliber, there's proof that it's still got the chops. Damn fine EP.

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