5 June 2011

Miaoux Miaoux "Hey Sound!" new single

Our friend Miaoux Miaoux has a new single out right now, and you can hear it (and download a taster mix) from his Soundcloud right now. It's called "Hey Sound!" and this is what MM (Julian to his mum) has to say to describe it:

"[Hey Sound!] a racing tropical dancefloor smash, backed with dream electro track 'Cloud Computer'. It'll be available from Monday 23rd May on iTunes and all good digital download stores."

And very good it is indeed - check it out for yourself if you don't believe me (and what the fuck do you mean by that? Are calling me a liar?!)

Hey Sound! by miaouxmiaoux

Cloud Computer by miaouxmiaoux

Hey Sound! promo mix by miaouxmiaoux

Hey Sound! (Dems Remix) by miaouxmiaoux

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