11 June 2011

Fallout Boy was Shitty

Thanks to Richard Metzger, via World Of Wonder.


  1. I can't tell what this is... Does Metzger disagree? Or is he just steamrolling over Wentz point to make a cheap shot? Or is it something so deep I don't get it?

    Isn't there already enough opposition to the idea that gay-as-pejorative should be avoided?

    I don't have much time for Fallout Boy, but was this the time to say so?

  2. I can't tell what you can't tell what this may or may not be...

  3. It feels ill advised to shit on a guy making a decent point, a guy with a fan-reach that makes DM's look tiny, purely to score a cheap shot.

    Pete Wentz might not be yr favourite guy, but folk will listen to and possibly follow him, and the above image seems to attack that.

    It's not that I love Fallout Boy, but y'know. I was wondering, is all.

  4. What's DM got to do with it? Follow the link for the context.