11 March 2011

Save Otago Lane

From the Save Otago Lane group email:

"Today is the last opportunity we have to make a posted objection to the development proposals on Otago Lane. There are 349 responses registered by the council though they say there may be a backlog. The more we can send them, the stronger the message of public support. We have to get more in.

Please, if you have time, write a letter and send it today to Development and Regeneration Services, 229 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1QU or send an email to planning.representations@drs.glasgow.gov.uk (TODAY).

Make sure your letter has material considerations, meaning reasons for objection that the council will take into consideration:
- traffic generation (there has been no provision for parking, research into traffic impact and no alternative scheme proposed);
- destruction of the Wild Life Corridor (the blocks planned for the river bank will mean the removal of a large area of the officially recognised Wildlife corridor);
-Residential Principle 6 (RES 6) which specifically demands that large buildings cannot be built on back lanes with muse cottages. Proposals are for buildings rising to 6-8 storeys
- Out of keeping with Glasgow West Conservation Area in style and in use of materials and scale
- Over Development - there will be potentially 200 people moving into the lane.

There are many more points which can be made - check out the website for more info.

Thanks for your support


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  1. I wonder what'll happen... I can imagine there's a LOT of money in this shit, what with the location, and the location of the new school round the corner. A tesco(or whatever) would rake it in, as would anything that catered to the coffee mums.