4 March 2011

John Foxx & Gary Numan Remix Competition

Cross-post from Dangerous Minds.

The London-based events company Back To The Future have a competition open until the end of the month to remix living synth legends Gary Numan and John Foxx. While the prizes for this competition are only really relevant to people living in the UK (free tickets to the Back To The Future concerts on April 1st and 2nd in Manchester and London, playback of the winning remixes at the concerts) I thought this would be worth sharing here for all the Foxx and Numan fans who might want to have a crack of the whip. From the press release:

This is the first time in their prolific careers that Gary Numan and John Foxx have decided to share the creative side of making music with fans. The competition involves entrants making the best remix of either 'Scanner' by Gary Numan or 'Shatterproof' by John Foxx & The Maths. The winner will get a pair of VIP passes to Back To The Phuture, plus signed copies of the latest Gary Numan album 'Jagged Edge' and John Foxx album 'Interplay'. The winning remixes will be played at Back To The Phuture (at the massive Troxy in London and Manchester Academy). Entries will be judged personally by Gary Numan and John Foxx and an endorsement from each will be given – not a bad boost to any up-and-coming producer’s career!

Gay Numan "Scanner" plus stems:

John Foxx & The Maths "Shatterproof" plus stems:

Upload 'Scanner' remixes to this SoundCloud page: http://soundcloud.com/groups/bttp-gary-numan-remix-competition

Upload 'Shatterproof' remixes to this SoundCloud page: http://soundcloud.com/groups/bttp-john-foxx-remix-competition/tracks

More details on the Gary Numan Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/GaryNumanOfficial?v=app_10442206389

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