8 March 2011

Fuck Rupert Murdoch

From 38 Degrees:

"Jeremy Hunt has just announced he wants to give Murdoch's BSkyB takeover the go-ahead. It's bad news, but it's not over yet. We need to make sure that today, the day of the announcement, our MPs are feeling the heat.

We now have three weeks to challenge the deal and stand up for our democracy. We need to get MPs speaking out right now, and telling Jeremy Hunt that it's obvious that this deal is whitewash. So please email your MP today and ask them to speak out publicly and write to Jeremy Hunt.

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Jeremy Hunt and Murdoch now want us to believe this is a done deal. But there's still an outside chance we can stop the takeover. We need MPs to speak out - telling the media, and Jeremy Hunt, that the public don't buy this deal. That means MPs need to hear from all of us, and fast.

The Murdoch empire has been forced, partly thanks to our campaign, to give a little ground. They’ve said Sky News won’t be totally controlled by Murdoch. But he’ll still have directors on the board and control the cashflow. Sky News will have to stay in Murdoch’s good books if it wants to keep going.

Murdoch made similar promises when he took over the Times. But these promises turned out to just be spin. This latest deal is just a whitewash. It still means Murdoch gets more control over our media. And that's bad news for our democracy.

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