24 January 2011

Silver Tongues

Simon Arthur, an old friend of mine, has completed his debut feature film Silver Tongues, starring Oz's Lee Tergeson and Boardwalk Empire's Enid Graham.

He originally made a segment of the film in Scotland back in 2007, before he relocated to New York. I have watched this project develop slowly and steadily, reading countless drafts of the script along the way, so it makes me really proud to see it come to fruition. It is premiering at Slamdance film festival in Utah this week, with the last showing on the 27th. Now, I presume, comes the grueling task of finding a distributor. Seeing him inch this project forward over the last 5 years has really made me realise the dedication, tunnel-vision and sheer insanity required by a writer-director to complete their vision. Kudos!

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