31 January 2011

Peter Collins - Noir

A wee preview of a new project from Peter Collins (aka Rothko of Molotov Disco), based around the 'noir' style. As well as the obvious references (Bogart, Orson Welles, Chandler etc), there's hints to modern pulp like 100 Bullets and Sin City, all filtered through his unique blend of seemingly-choatic scribbling and bold linework. Really awesome.

"I had been commissioned to create some pieces in the "film Noir" style (dark shadows, moody figures etc). For want of a better model, I ended up using myself (in a photo shoot) - so I could draw e.g. exactly how a shirt looks when opened at the top, or how a face looks when the head is tilted backwards. I wasn't bothered whether the final pieces actually looked like me or not, in fact, if anything, I prefer the pieces that look less like me...."

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