9 January 2011

Best Of The Best Of The Best Ofs

CBR's Robot6 have compiled a list of the best "Best ____ of 2010" lists.  Robot6 have compiled a few of their own too, including one a few days ago, "The Best (american) Covers of 2010". Seeing as they've included Shallow Rave's super-best-friend* Frank Quitely for his stellar work on AllStarSuperman, it seemed worth a mention. Banter(of limited use) can also be found on ComicsAlliance.com, in the form of a worst of 2010.

Seeing as this is the future and all (ONE YEAR LEFT!!!!) and you clearly have internet access, here's a webcomics best of from Mad Ink Beard for the paper-free among you.

*shit's legit.

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