16 December 2010

Voltergeist - 69 Psampled

Voltergeist - 69 Psampled (Forthcoming Microrave Records)

"The Body of Christ comes onto you, a preacher with cock in his hand,
He wants you to suck on the Holy Ghost and swallow the sins of man"
Ministry - Psalm 69

Ever-evolving and mutating, Shallowrave favourite Voltergeist applies his acid-dub stylings to Ministry classic Psalm 69, reinventing the mental-industrial thrash-fest as a brooding, half-time dub stomper. Whilst the original contained some of the Al Jourgensen's most polemical screaming (see above) Voltergeist exorcises the majority of Al's presence from the track, focusing more on the groove and doom, peppering a deep, head-nodding riddim with bass flourishes and spoken word samples. Opening with a simple kick pattern and a rolling bassline, Voltergeist introduces layers of noise and static, along with wailing choral riff, creating an tense ominous atmosphere, before a simple snare pattern drags the monster to life. All bubbling subs, dark atmospherics and whispered vocal snatches, it's definitely one of Voltergeist's darkest pieces to date, despite the solid, grinding rhythm.
Be very afraid.

[MRR666] - VOLTERGEIST - 69 Psalmpled by Microrave Records

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