9 December 2010

Scuba - Triangulation Interpretations

Scuba - Triangulation Interpretations - Hot Flush
Scuba's Triangulations was a pretty special piece of work, spanning dubstep, techno, house and all the other genres that are essentially collapsing in on each other - it showcased Paul Rose's talents as a producer, and gave him space to explore previously shut-off avenues, adding new depths to his already prolific output. For that reason, this expanded version of the album, with a second CD of remixes, feels slightly redundant. It's not to say that the music on here is in any way bad or sub-standard - Deadbeat's aquatic reinvisioning of Tracers is one of his best dub tracks since the Version Immersion EP, creating a dense wall of delays and frayed, decaying samples. Similarly, Joe's spectral reinterpretation of So You Think You're Special mingles grainy, minimalist textures and murky bass with a groove-laden piano riff to great effect, whilst Deadboy turns in a garage/funky rework of Before that'll be getting cained big style very soon.
Therein lies the problem with this album - every one of the remixes is a brilliant tune in it's own right and showcases the individual artists involved. Added to Scuba's own construction, it feels tacked on and out of place. Doubtless the 12"s will be snapped up rapidly, and if you slept on picking up Triangulation the first time around, now's your chance to grab it along with an additional snapshot of the best modern bass music has to offer. But for those like myself, who loved the narrative Scuba sculpted, and were hoping for a Directors cut or extended version, this is a whole new proposition.
Definitely worth going over...

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