29 December 2010

Browntown's 24 Top Noise Tracks of 2010

As chosen by Andy Brown, the drummer in Remember Remember and the mighty Divorce. So his noise-rock appreciation credentials are impeccable. And it looks like it's been a good twelve months for this kind of thing:

THE JOIZE OF NOIZE 2010 by Andy Browntown

Andy says:
"Here's a bunch of noisy songs that came out in 2010 that I really really fucking loved. It's not a best-of-the-year or anything (there was lots of not-noisy stuff I liked this year too, shocker!), and it's not any specific order either, it's just a bunch of awesome tunes that I am basically demanding you listen to. Sorry if it all seems a bit ego-centric, this isn't me going 'isn't my taste amazing, recognize' (not entirely), it's more me wanting to share the wealth. I've included any and all details I've got so you can maybe track down more shit by the bands featured, plus my personal opinions on them all too, cos I've got a big gob."

If you go to the Soundcloud page there's a bit of info and links for each band. Noice!

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