8 November 2010

Pulp Reform

Let's face it, Britpop was rubbish. As someone who lived through it the first time, I can look back now and safely say it was a victory of hype over talent. It was, in effect, the last dying gasps of British guitar-based "independant" music as it was swallowed whole by the major labels, and turned into a cookie-cutter pattern that could be used over and over again with diminishing results.

Having said that, there were a few good bands, a noble and select few who weathered the media storm and managed to outlive the Britpop tag. Top of that list is Pulp.

News is coming through today that the original Pulp line-up (including oddbod guitarist Russell Senior, who quit at the height of their fame in 1996) are going to be playing some live shows next summer. So far confirmed is a headline slot at Wireless, and I would stake money that the band will appear at Glastonbury too:

I'll be there Jarvis. And I'd just like to give a quick mention to this tune, in my opinion one of the best break up songs ever, the bitter and beautiful "The Trees":

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