3 November 2010

Age Of Consent Minterview

Only two days ago I mentioned Age Of Consent and their free download of "The Beach (Valis Remix)". In the short space of time since then I have managed to bag a minterview with Joe from the band. Read on:


AGE OF CONSENT! Joe and Darren from the band, formerly known as Shitdisco.


Right now, the future and in the memories you're about to have or the
dreams you had already, but never realised.


Because, at the point you do realise you're on your own and there's
no-one above or below you, we're here to help guide you forward.


"What?" is the name of the movie that international creep, Roman
Polanski directed immediately before Chinatown. because of it, he
nearly never made Chinatown, the best movie ever made. he directed it under the illusion that it was going be a massive hit by fusing sexual-psychedelic dream sequences with running around italian side streets looking over people's shoulders.

How much have you got?

We've got at least one-dream a night for each of us for the last 28
years, so there's plenty of source material for our songs. I usually
don't really know how I feel about anything emotional in the present
tense, so I look to my subconscious to untangle it all. Not always a
successful method.

And if you've got together if so how often?
Which do you choose the hard or soft option?

Hard and fast interspersed with slow, deep and melodic.

How hard can it be?

Come and see for yourself; we play live in Scotland for the first time
in November 2010.
27th Nov - Sneaky Pete's (part of Sneakyfest)
28th Nov - Captain's Rest / with Slayur (Errors / Konx-om-Pax) and Hahaha
it's going to be a reunion, of sorts.

Can you forgive her?

Revenge is so much sweeter.

What have I done to deserve this?

Well, "What have You Done For me Lately?" - such an amazing song - Jam & Lewis at their peak, Janet Jackson would never be better.

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