26 October 2010

Elgato - Tonight / Blue (Hessle)

Elgato - Tonight / Blue (Hessle)
More of the quality bass music from Hessle...
Elgato made his name with his eclectic DJ sets that flitted smoothly between house, garage and dubstep way before the rest of the world caught on. His debut 12" completely captures this forward-thinking attitude, touching on funky, garage and house, with a solid bass undercarriage, ear candy melodies and syrupy vocals. The bassline of both tracks immediately stands out - this is hefty subby material that morphs and slides, melodies slowly spiking up in the mix and the rattling snaredrums tap-dancing in the far off top-end. Managing a distinct range across both sides of the 12", Tonight leans to the UKG end of the spectrum, with taught, syncopated snares, whilst Blue drops down to a slow-grind 124bpm for the techno heads to enjoy. These are decidedly minimal rhythms, which challenge DJs to move away from the intro/outro style of mixing that's beginning to damage DJ culture - you can't just stick these on and fade out over the 16s. Blue breaks down into almost complete silence; slowly creeping back into life with a glowing synth line and repetitive vocals that take over a minute and a half to crack open and return to the shuffling rhythm. Gorgeous DJ tools that will be making many an end of year playlist....

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