8 September 2010

Superisk - Find your Way / Mensah remix

Mmm... Punch Drunk. Shallowrave like Punch Drunk. Punch Drunk makes the list of "shit-that's-hip-but-also-awesome" with big names, big 12"s and excellent quality control. Having been behind some of the best 12"s from Pinch, Peverelist, Gemmy etc, they've staked their place in the contemporary bass music scene. Latest 12" Find Your Way is pretty awesome too - building from a Carpenter-esque piano and violin combo into a shuffling two-step rhythm imbued with pitch-bent purple wow synths. Heavy bass and a garagey beat ensure this is going to find a place in my record boxes, but it's the tension between the delicacy of the rolling piano riff and the wildly destabilising bassline that makes Find Your Way a surefure winner.
On the flip, the Mensah remix adds in a clattering snare and barking hype vocals, making for a less cerebral and more banging rework. Retaining the melodies of the original, it's still a killer track, and will probably crop up on more playlists than the original will manage. Good package there.

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