22 September 2010

\m/ Meh-tolll vidz \m/

I spent far too long last night watching old school metal videos on Youtube, so much that I ended up dreaming about metal-y thing in my sleep. It was worth it though as I discovered some priceless gems I would like to share.

I hadn't heard Saint Vitus before, but I will be hella checking them from now on. They were one of the very first doom/stoner metal bands. Their primary influences were Black Sabbath and Black Flag, which says it all. The sound's not great on this but as a performance video it's awesome:

On a slightly more ridiculous tip, but no less entertaining for that, is this 7 minute epic video for Candlemass' "Bewitched". A bit less rough and ready than Saint Vitus, with a more operatic feel and a knowing sense of humour, it's worth sticking with this video all the way to see the "doomdancing" and also the coffin-surrounded-by-headbangers moment too.

There's a metal doc floating around on Youtube too called "Get Thrashed", which is a great primer for the US 80s (mostly) West Coast thrash scene, covering as it does Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and more. It's disjointed as it's not been uploaded in full, but worth seeking out in its fragmented form. Here's a a segment on Exodus:

I came to these clips in a roundabout way after looking up Heavy Metal Parking Lot, and then moving on to the Decline of Western Civilization Part 2. Both these docs are on Youtube in full, and come highly recommended.

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