30 September 2010

Graham Massey 50th Birthday

I went to a great gig in Manchester last weekend. Held in Elbow's (massive!) rehearsal space in their own studio complex Blueprint, the night was a celebration of the 50th birthday of Graham Massey. A bit of a local legend, I dunno how much celebrating he actually got to do as the night consisted of four of his bands playing live. In order of appearance those were Biting Tongues (a post-punk-ish act signed to Factory in the 80s), Sisters of Transistors (an all female synth band with Massey on drums), 808 State (who they?) and Toolshed (an anything goes free jazz affair). All put on for free for a small, select crowd of about 300 or so. It were right proper good like! Seeing 808 State live in such a small space was truly awesome. I can't find any footage of the event online (yet) so in the meantime here's videos by each of the acts mentioned...

Hasn't he been a busy boy?! And that's not even half of his bands - literally. Check out his Discogs page for more. As a bonus here's an interview with the man himself, for Analog Suicide, where he talks kit and what he takes on tour:

Happy Birthday Mr Massey! Here's to the next 50 (bands).

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