6 August 2010

Review - CV313 - Subtraktive Remixes

CV313 - Subtraktive (The Sight Below / King Midas Sound Remixes) - Echospace
Rod Moddell’s Echospace label has consistently ploughed a groove of awesome dub and dub techno, varying from deconstructionist evaluations of decay and static, to deep but groovy techno and roots analogue dub. Admittedly, it’s still picking over the carcass of the Basic Channel / Chain reaction axis, but the strenght of their output rates this far above mere fanboy-ism. This one's one of their most exciting releases to date though - the original's not only a fine slice of shuffling warehouse techno with a deep dubby backbone, but on the flip, we get a King Midas Sound remix. Sure, Kevin Martin isn't everyone's taste (though to my mind he can do very little wrong) but the fusion of Detroit crispness and Martin's decaying, grainy darkness is awesome. Low-rumble collides with scattered fragments of original melodies, whilst Hitomi's oneiric wailing builds through the storm. Whilst infused with the essentially dubby rhythms of King Midas Sound, this feels almost beatless - shuddering and reverberating in ebbs and flows. Add to this Roger Robinson's strangely unmoving apocaplyptic narration, and you've got the finest sonic headfuck I've heard in ages.
Absolutely essential

I just brought this out of Rub-a-dub two hours ago, but here's the boomkat player....

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