5 August 2010

Red Trailer

I'm sure it's done the rounds on the 'net enough times by now, but I've just found a few of the trailers for the forthcoming adaptation of Warren Ellis' Red...

To sum up; Red is probably one of my favourite of Uncle Warren's works, in part due to the exceptional tightness of both the script and Cully Hamner's art - it's a three issue comic dealing with how the governments and military (specifically the CIA) go about decommissioning someone trained exclusively to kill. It's grim, ultra-violent, and seriously disturbing.
And here's the trailer.
I'll be honest, I never expected Red to make a smooth transition to the screen, not least because it would make very little money with it's protagonist putting his fingers through people's eyeballs and spending most of the narrative drenched in blood. However, this looks like a fun enough gung-ho YA! action romp, with only the name and haircut of the original protagonist remaining from Ellis' comic. I'm actually glad, considering it gives us John Malkovich playing a paranoid vet, two other awesome leads, and Helen Mirren with fucking gigantic automatic weapons.

Warren has a nice wee justification rant here
"Also, did you see the goddamn cast list that’s signed on for those characters? Bruce Willis as Moses, yes. But also: Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker, John C Reilly, Helen Mirren, Julian McMahon, Brian Cox, Ernest Borgnine and Richard Dreyfus. It reminds me a bit of those 70s films like THE TOWERING INFERNO, that had in them everyone you wanted to see in a film, all at once. RED is a bit like that, only with more automatic weapons."

Worth it I reckon.

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