2 July 2010


I've just had a guest article published on the Manchester blog Fuc51, about the differences between the music scenes in Manchester and Glasgow (as I see them).

Fuc is a great blog, ruthlessly taking the piss out of the current "The Hacienda was amazing!"/"Aren't The Stone Roses brilliant?"/"We love Joy Division we do!"-type revivalism prevalent in the city, and in particular the London-based media. Suffice to say that Peter Hook is NOT a fan.

The article is here: http://fuc51.blogspot.com/2010/07/manchester-versus-glasgow.html and you gotta love that pic they've put with it!


  1. Hooky might not be fan... but then wasn't he always a bit of a fanny? Nostalgia for an age that never existed...


  2. Yeah its quite possible. There's far worse footage of him DJing than that one.